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DELTA | Operating lean & entrepreneurial within the existing business is hot. But let’s not forget to think in terms of systems.
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ACTIVITIES | Practice what you preach! Vandaag genoten van een dynamische sessie met het leadership team. #executivesession 
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DELTA | get your Twitter on. With about 335 mio users per quarter, @Twitter is still Hot & Booming. In the past few weeks
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DELTA | Thinking and operating ‘A YES’ is embedded in my DNA. Every NO brings out ‘the best yes’ in me. The challenge..
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DELTA | The biggest challenge lays in the ability to just let go of the present, be patient and trust in the rooted experience
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DELTA | So content creation is key? Learning by doing definitely applies here. Creating engagement starts with setting up “social content guidelines”.
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PROJECTS | What a great way to help the world save water & energy and lower the Co2 emission, with this domestic water recycling system.  
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ACTIVITIES | “Mastering” innovation sprints @Innoleaps #sprintmaster #masterclass #corporateaccelerator #innovationsprint
DELTA | How to get on the visitors list? By presenting the best of your company in pre-promotions you’ll be able to  attract more potential customers
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