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KNOWLEDGDE SESSION | Building Holland. Invited by Rabobank and Alba Concepts we investigated the role of Tech within circularity. Conclusion at this innovation table, as far as DELTA is concerned: Let’s start by using the existing data. #materials passport #madaster #vanwijnen
INNOVATION TABLE | Buildingholland. During our session at the Heijmans/ Rabobank innovation table organised in collaboration with Heijmans, we gained great insights and, and strong ideas were born. #Buildingholland #heijmans
ACTIVITIES | During “De week van de cirulaire economie” Delta (re)presented Hydraloop during the ACCEZ Café in Amsterdam. #speakersession #partnershipsFind out more
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ACTIVITIES |Material District | New applications of materials such as tree bark, fish skins, coffee beans and even organs and blood. #research #parterships Learn more
ACTIVITIES | Practice what you preach! Vandaag genoten van een dynamische sessie met het leadership team. #executivesession  Innoleaps
DELTA | get your Twitter on. With about 335 mio users per quarter, it is still Hot & Booming. In the past few weeks. Read more
DELTA | Operating lean & entrepreneurial within the existing business is hot. But let’s not forget to think in terms of systems. Read more.
PROJECTS: Aan het IJ bevindt zich het eerste (N) zero energy hotel gebaseerd op het EWF Concept. Bekijk hoe hier dit geweldige project tot stand is gekomen
PITCHING | Aquavak| Hydraloop. Delta supported Hydraloop as their ambassador during this inspiring event. #inspirationalsession #innovation #wateralliance #NWP #envaqua #wetlands

PROJECT | Soon the 1st (n) zero energy hotel Breeze opening its doors. Using a uniquer Eco-technology powered by Amstelius B.V. #prmanagement #contentmanagement EWF concept
PROJECTS | What a great way to help the world save water & energy and lower the Co2 emission, with this domestic water recycling system. recycling 85% of the greywater used in your home. #conceptmanagement #commercialmanagement Check out
DELTA | Thinking and operating ‘A YES’ is embedded in my DNA. Every NO brings out ‘the best yes’ in me. Read article
DELTA | How to get on the visitors list? By presenting the best of your company in pre-promotions you’ll be able to  attract more potential customers. Read article

ACTIVITIES | “Mastering” innovation sprints @Innoleaps #sprintmaster #masterclass #corporateaccelerator #innovationsprint

DELTA | The biggest challenge lays in the ability to just let go, be patient and trust in the rooted experience. Read more