The process of rediscovering the power of your product and business operations starts with the formulation of the corporate story. The specially developed method helps your (management) team to formulate the power of you business model within one day. Together with the team we look for answers to the questions. What do you do? What does it mean? Why is it so interesting? The result is the perfect ‘One minute pitch’ as the basis for all following sales, marketing and product development activities.


Delta has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales. This means that she is not only able to easily and quickly formulate effective marketing strategies. She also knows that implementing the corporate marketing strategy requires at least as much attention. On a project basis with a duration of about 3 months, she implements the strategy and builds manuals to help companies on their way to starting, for example, their social media activities.


Taking the stage and putting your company in the spotlight through a powerful story is more important than ever. Through presentations and pitch sessions during relevant events, you are offered the ideal opportunity to put your company in the spotlight. Short in time? Delta can represent your company and/or support you by setting up and optimally executing your pitch.


Whether you are a start-up or have been running your business for years. The way you and your team serve your customers remains a challenge at all times. Partly because the customer’s needs and the world around us are constantly changing. Through a 2-day training Delta gives you the insights to approach your customers in the right way. Enabling your team to adress your clients with the right questions, focus on do’s and don’t and disproving arguments.


What is your story, who is your customer, what is your problem and how are you solving this. Getting your story right. Reaching the right target group with the right message requires knowledge and attention. Delta is an expert in the field of partnership management and finding connections with the right partners. Word of mouth is essential in increasing brand awareness and expanding your business network.


When your mission statement is formulated and marketing analystics have made clear where your market potential lies. You can quickly gain ground by using the guidelines within a tailor-made social guidebook. In which the basics for starting effective social media activities focused on the objectives of your company are specifically described. Delta takes care of your own detailed social guidebook within a period of two weeks and guides you through the implementation by means of a kickstart for the first steps.