Eagles don’t take flight lessons

Thinking and operating ‘A YES’ is embedded in my DNA. Every NO brings out ‘the best yes’ in me. The challenge to oversee ‘the problem’ and create effective solutions is my key focus and I love it. I am convinced that every ‘YES BUT, OR NO’ consists a perfect and unique can do opportunity. For me this way of operating resulted in great success within the creation and activation of new business models and client approaches at several main companies.

bald eagle over the body of water
Eagles don’t take flight lessons from chickens

What’s my point? Many people use the “Yes but NO” as their first response. This brutally kills the real opportunity to differentiate and find effective solutions.

“Go fly you chicken?” Try and oversee these so called problems. What happens if you lose the ‘Yes but no’ and. Think YES and profit the results of the solutions created.


Successfull Start-ups possess the right mentality. They trust in their capability to solve a customers problem, needs & dilemma and created a perfect ‘Product market fit’. Successfull companies started with being brave & Bold. Which enabled them to enter the market rapidly and with great achievements.

Saying NO contains fear, is based on a narrow point of view and the lack of trust. I’m asking you to find out the power of saying YES and activate the eagle within you, be bold, fly high and achieve your goals.

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